Public Art

crosswalk art

I’m always intrigued when artists use the outdoors to make the world a little bit more fascinating. Most of the works fall under the label of vandalism which seems like a shame when it tends to give some flavor to the usual.

Here’s some places to check out urban/street art some of which I’ll be adding to my links page:

More crosswalk art

Wooster Collective – beyond clever

Web Urbanist – architecture and alternative art

Google Video – Julian Beever

Robin Rhode – Interacts with his street art, featured at many galleries, very cool. His videos are usually the most interesting. This is a clip discussing his background but also featuring his work. You can see another clip of his video installations here. Also there’s a little bit about him in this clip about an exhibition called street level that was featured at Boston’s ICA for a little while…


One thought on “Public Art

  1. severnyproductions says:

    nice effect

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