It Might Get Loud, and I Hope it Does

I saw a fantastic documentary the other night at the Red River in Concord about the Edge, Jack White, and Jimmy Page.


By the time it was done I was bouncing around with inspired energy (it doesn’t take much). The movie focuses on their roles as guitarists but also revolves around the three of them meeting and the conversation that emerges. All aspects of their personal stories are enhanced by creative elements of clever filmography, animation, and archived video footage of artists that inspire the trio. One really exciting component to it, is that none of their stories are told in the same manner or exact same format. Each story is told in a manner that compliments the musician. Jack White’s segments are bizarre and  (several scenes involve him talking to a nine-year old version of himself) no nonsense, Edge’s are clean and reflective. Jimmy Page seems a suprisingly gentle and relaxed sort of fellow; out of the three, his voice seems to be the most embodied in the instrument itself. It’s amusing to see the sense of awe laced on the faces of edge and white when page starts noodling around on his double-necked guitar. The film so satisfyingly ends with a collective rendition of the Band’s song “The Weight” (you know it… “Take a load off Fanny/Annie  and put the weight right on me”).

Check out the official website here


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