You Haven’t Seen Pollution Until You’ve Lived in China

China is in a volatile state right now, environmentally speaking. It’s people are suffering and experiencing significant health problems, birth defects, early deaths,and at the very least, severe impacts to their daily lives.

A new photo documentary project titled “Pollution in China” by photographer Lu Gang is causing some stir:




The project is composed of shocking pictures of filthy landscapes and Chinese citizens living in equally filthy conditions.  40 such photos can be viewed here

It’s now been confirmed that a large driver in the birth deffects children experience in China is pollutant effects.


The environmental issues are staggering and can impact the way these folks make a living. The picture above is from an article about water and air conditions in China.  The water is a vibrant green from so much overgrowth of algae likely from the input of excess nutrients (i.e. sewage). Too much algae means grazers can’t keep up, much of it dies and sinks, is decomposed by oxygen-gobbling bacteria which severely depletes oxygen availability for other organisms. Fish and other commerically important creatures die.

But it’s not just their problem. The earth is a connected system. Clouds of air-fouling chemicals can travel across the globe and affect countries far from the originating source. Ocean currents can carry contamination miles and miles away from it’s starting point. It’s a messy problem figuratively and actually, and we need to keep innovating new solutions.

More on the issue:

Pollution in China affecting rainfall

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