Commercials – i just don’t know what to say

So, I could gripe about commercials in general, but I won’t, I want to gripe about one in particular:

If you watch The Daily Show or Colbert Report on Comedy Central, you are exposed to the same commercials with agonizing regularity.

This little gem keeps showing up and has me shaking my head the same way every time, the sense of deja vu annoyance.

So, miss Julia Roberts look-a-like walks in, dressed in a sub-par gown and hubby here gets excited about all their vacation plans. Isn’t he the best spouse ever, thinking of brave new ideas about getting out of the house without any prompting or even hiding of the remote? And then faux Julia admits she’s taken the liberty of spending all their reward points from an obviously joint credit card account on something for herself. The “Oh You” grin he gives her at the end is just so precious….

Time for a good facepalm



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