Harry Chapin – Story of A Life

Always thought it was a shame there’s alot of people who have no idea how many incredible songs Harry Chapin wrote and equate him only with Cats in the cradle. I don’t even really care for the song that much.  His stories are intricate and about complex, real people. He was a humanitarian, donating roughly a third of his profits to charities with a strong devotion to ending hunger. He was posthumously awarded the  Congressional Gold Medal for his charity work. His wife helms the Harry Chapin Foundation with a mission statement of supporting “organizations that have demonstrated their ability to dramatically improve the lives and livelihood of people by helping them to become self-sufficient.”

This is a clip of his song WOLD about an aging morning DJ:

Sniper, a very intense song about the 1966 Texas University Shooting. This shows Chapin’s ability to capture the current of disrest in the country at the time:

Singing his song “Story of a Life” sans band. Love the lyrics… “And I’ve found sometimes words can serve me well, and sometimes words can go to hell for all that they do…”:

And he had a wicked sense of humor (note: sound quality is not great):



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