Colin Hay: Man Down Under

Paste Magazine has a great website with a listen and watch section hosting audio and video for some very talented musicians.

Check out Colin Hay at their studios:

Colin Hay is mostly infamous for the band he once was part of: Men At Work.

After the band went defunct, however, Hay continued on the solo path, releasing several well-received albums. His music has been featured in films and tv, but arguably one of my favorite songs and appearances of his was when he sang his song “overkill” in an early season of Scrubs:

His song ” I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you” was featured on the Garden State Soundtrack:


2 thoughts on “Colin Hay: Man Down Under

  1. Laura S says:

    Just to Note- on the Season Finale of Scrubs (season 8- which REALLY shoulda been the season FINALE) colin Hay did an awesome awesome song for them- it was the last one of the show

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