Blue Whales are Barry White?

A new story on Science Daily indicates the pitch of Blue Whale songs worldwide is getting lower. Read the original text here.

The general idea is that the songs of the blue whale, the largest living species of animal on earth, are become lower in pitch than when scientists first began studying the sounds the whales produced. This bizarre news may in fact have positive ramifications for the blue whales. Blue whales populations were severely impacted in the era of whaling and have never really recovered. They are currently categorized as endangered. Scientists guess that in 1960, when they first began capturing these mammals’ vocalizations on tape, the whales needed to sing at a higher pitch because higher pitched noises tended to travel farther in the water. This meant the call for mates could be broadcasted long distances.  As populations start to experience small increases in population growth, the whales may not need their calls to travel as far, and thus can sing them in a lower, more relaxed key.


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