See Through Creatures – I can see your… AHHHH

So the creation of see-through organisms is fast becoming an interesting new addition to scientific progress. The newest development is a Japanese-developed see-through goldfish. You can see its organs working in concert while viewing it’s teeny tiny brain that accounts for its notoriously supposed seconds-long memory span. (Previously, other sp of fish had been bred to be clear, such as zebrafish, a research favorite, allowing scientists to do things like watch cancer cells grow.)

This fast followed the fairly recent unveiling of a see-through frog, also developed in Japan. The ultimate goal was to breed organisms that would eliminate the need for dissection in science classrooms. Many of us were not fast fans of the sweet, unpleasant smell of whatever preserving agent the dead frogs (or what have you) were pickled in, and while scooting the various little blobs of organs around the dissecting tray rarely obtained a keen sense of how everything worked in synergy. So I definitely have to applaud the new additions to the world of translucence…

However, no one can really beat that exhibitionist, nature, at producing organisms that have no issue letting it all hang out…

A naturally translucent family of frogs, commonly called glass or crystal frogs, already exists; and are found mostly in Central to South America, including a recently discovered species in Ecuador:

Another terrestrial example, the glass-winged butterfly:

Translucence in the ocean is nothing new, and can essentially produce a way to “hide” from other visual predators (which would presumably be the same reason it appears in terrestrial creatures)

National Geographic - Translucent Shrimp catching a ride on a clear jelly

Natural Geographic photo gallery – Translucent Sea Creatures

But, I shudder to think about the day they manage to create see-through people…


3 thoughts on “See Through Creatures – I can see your… AHHHH

  1. lilmissjk says:

    uhhhhh what are humans gonna evolve to?


  2. lilmissjk says:

    btw the glass frogs also called ghost frogs

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