Fish Getting All Hot Under the Collar

This was a recent Science Daily story. The following excerpt gives a sense of what the article is about:

“Experiments with two species of young damselfish on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have shown for the first time that some reef fish are either consistently timid, or consistently bold, and that these individual differences are even more marked as water temperatures rise.

A slight lift of just one or two degrees may have only a small effect on some fish but the behaviour of others can be transformed — leading them to become up to 30 times more active and aggressive.”

Check out the original article “Fish With Attitude: Some Like It Hot” for more info.

So science has already brought to our attention fish that can change sex seemingly almost at will, what’s a little aggression? Although with the possible warming trends, it seems all too possible we could have lots of little aquatic hulks on our hands… “fishy SMASH!”


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