Patrick Watson Makes Some Noise For NPR

I decided to check out Patrick Watson when I read a little of an interview with him on

I am not admittingly won over yet, but my interest is somewhat piqued.  I so far have found his voice too pacified and sedate for my tastes but I found the mix of sounds he and his band introduce during his performances pretty intriguing. The first song in the NPR/WNYC video is “Bejing”. Watson sings the line “it was the sound of the city” repetitiously while his band bangs out rhythms on everything from pots and pans to synthesizers. I’m not sure it really works but the concept is cool. I also like the megaphone start and banjo accompaniment on  his last song of the set, “Wooden Arms”.

I could definitely find his style great  for mood setting and contented relaxing at home, and this is totally the kind of music that fuels some good creative writing. Who knows, I could be convinced….


One thought on “Patrick Watson Makes Some Noise For NPR

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