Fun Find – The Sleep Talkin’ Man Blog

This blog features one man who says very amusing things in his sleep and one attentive wife who has the soundness of mind to post these amusements to the internet:

A sampling of the things this man’s wife has heard during the night:

“Put the lobster down. Put it down!”

“Oh, we’re going to be late for the pogo ballet, stop it!”

“I haven’t put on weight. Your eyes are fat.”

“Vampire penguins? Zombie guinea pigs? We’re done for…. done for.”

“Don’t leave the duck there. It’s totally irresponsible. Put it on the swing, it’ll have much more fun.”

“I demand compensation in cola bottles. Lots of fizzy cola bottles. In one lump sum.”

“This fish has got big floppy lips. Floppy lips. Fishy kissy fishy kissy. Oop, took one on the mouth! Not nice.”

“Yah, I can’t believe in God when I’m THIS good.”

“When did you turn into a bug? Strange.”


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