Conan’s Plight – Not Going Down Without Some Laughs

Everyone knows that Conan is likely to be bumped from his hosting gig at the Tonight Show as Jay Leno “comes out of retirement” to host again in the primo time slot starting at 11:35. Conan, who has decided he doesn’t want to be part of the proposed move of the late show to 12:05, is certainly not leaving without taking a few laughs with him.

From his declaration : “I just want to say to the kids out there watching: You can do anything you want in life. Unless Jay Leno wants to do it, too.” to his recent posting of the tonight show to craigslist:

His fans are supporting him in novel ways using social media, including the the “I’m with Coco” campaign on facebook with many users changing their profile pic to the above illustration by artist Mike Mitchell. As much as most of us believe Leno’s had his shot, it may not be enough to save late-night. According to this story, rumor is Conan will be hosting only for one week more. But wherever Conan does go, his fans will be sure to follow him.

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“I’m with Coco” artist Mike Mitchell sounds off

Check out Paste Magazine’s 15 Reasons to Love Conan – complete with his rousing speech to students graduating from Harvard, his alma mater (#13) , and his list of his possible career alternatives (#5)


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