Cello Playing Songstress Emily Hope Price – My Kind of Peep

I was fortunate to be the recipient of my friend’s invite to see Emily Hope Price at hog farm studios, a cozy little venue in Biddeford, Maine. HFS is an intimate setting with a great deal of creative ambiance – walls slapped with inspired and fun colors and designs (check out the ladies room decked out with mexican wrestler masks!) and swaths of mismatched fabrics draped as a backdrop to the stage.

Emily Hope Price was first to play the evening we went – last Friday, Jan 15th. She began with just cello, looping various musical phrases via an effects pedal and teasing an intriguing range of sounds from her instrument. She really embraces multiple ways to create sound, playing her cello to its full potential. She also has a wonderful voice, smooth and lilting, reminding me at times of Nellie McKay, Regina Spektor, and Fiona Apple. Multiple instruments made appearances during the evening including an accordion (yay!), xylophone, and a $15 violin gifted from her father that sounded almost ukulele-like.

Emily Hope Price has an instantly likable personality. She’s gracious and witty and chats with her audience between songs. She played us several songs from her recently started 365 project – a venture where she plans to write 365 songs in the same amount of days. It’s in its early stages but has already yielded some beautiful songs,  purposeful collaborations, and even some videos! Also be sure to check out Emily’s facebook and myspace pages.

Here are a couple videos from youtube that give a flavor of what to expect when (no maybe’s) you see her:


2 thoughts on “Cello Playing Songstress Emily Hope Price – My Kind of Peep

  1. I just stumbled upon this! Thank you for such a wonderful review of the show! Wow… I’m so honored! You have really made my day… that show was one of the funnest I’ve performed because the audience was so awesome… thank you!


    • neoncstar says:

      It’s kinda cool you actually saw my review. My friend chatted with you a bit after the show and bought cds from you. We both really enjoyed the show, and I love the venue. We’ll definitely see you next time you come through and will bring friends!

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