Eating Guilt-Free Icecream, Ben and Jerry’s Makes it a Reality

So, no, Ben and Jerry’s has not come up with the elusive no-calorie Chunky-Munky, but they have taken some of their already people-conscious policies a step further. In 2005, the company decided to start using Fair Trade Certified products. For those unfamiliar with this certification, it means that the products bearing this label were produced with important social, economic, and environmental considerations in mind.

Ben and Jerry’s now have decided to make as many of the ingredients as possible contained in their ice creams fair trade certified. Read the full press release here. This is just a step of many the company has taken to improve the world around them (as if their ice cream wasn’t enough!). Check out the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, and their activism webpage.

Now I will enjoy my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor, Turtle Soup, just a little bit more.


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