Nature Can Make A Little Music

So I know I’ve been negligent in posting. Life gets a little busy sometimes and I’ll be starting a new job up in Booth Bay, Maine so posting may be a bit sporadic until I’m settled into my normal routine. So enough whining, onto the post:

I saw this some time ago but never got around to posting it.  French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot has installed an exhibit at the London Barbican, the largest performing arts center in Europe. The Curve is the center’s visual arts space, where Boursier-Mougnet has mounted eight Les Paul style guitars and populated the area with 40 squat little zebra finches. The instruments have all been carefully chosen (I have a personal affinity for Les Paul electric guitars as did Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton) tuned and  The birds scrabble over the strings and produce what surprisingly sounds like the crunchy guitar anthem of some experimenting rock star. According to Curve curator Lydia Yee as recorded in a BBC interview, “With the finches he started thinking about the relationship between sound and space. He wanted to create situations that would enable sound to happen but not in an enforced way, or a very composed way.” The installation requires some significant maintenance from which ranges from the delicate tuning of the instruments to clean-up after the birds themselves. The exhibition runs until May 23rd and can accommodate up to 25 visitors at a time.

An delightfully informative article on the exhibit, complete with a humorous bent can be found here. One of the more interesting products of the work has been you-tube clips showing the birds nonchalantly making rock history:


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