From MSN: Volcano Traps Attenborough in Frozen Arctic

Volcano traps Attenborough in frozen Arctic

13:30 AEST Sat Apr 17 2010
1 hour 57 minutes ago
By ninemsn staff


David Attenborough is trapped in the Arctic Circle.
And this is why — Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano has halted flights across the world.

Veteran broadcaster David Attenborough has found himself trapped in the freezing Arctic Circle as airspace remains closed following Iceland’s volcano eruption.

The 83-year-old BBC presenter took a private plane to a remote part of Norway to film melting polar icecaps before the ash-spewing Eyjafjallajokull volcano grounded all European flights.

Britain’s national broadcaster reportedly holds fears Attenborough and his small team will run out of food if the crisis continues much longer.

Attenborough is at the Arctic filming more episodes of his popular Frozen Planet series.

TV industry rumours have abounded that this was already going to be Attenborough’s final foray into an extreme environment before retiring from his more gruelling adventures.

Just six weeks ago he was at the South Pole following in the footsteps of one of his boyhood idols, explorer Captain Scott.

A spokesman for the BBC said Attenborough was currently holed up in a hotel.

“They were unharmed and their schedule has not been affected,” he told the Daily Mail newspaper.

“They are expected to be in Norway for some days to come.”


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