What a Disaster Looks Like

I’m a bit delayed in posting as I’ve just moved and started a new job…

The wreck of the Deep Horizon rig is still leaking oil into the Gulf with no foreseeable end in sight. BP’s attempt to place a dome over the seeping oil failed:
“BP said icelike crystals formed inside the dome and clogged it as it was lowered over the leak more than 1.5 kilometers underwater in the Gulf of Mexico.

Officials said the crystals consisted of flammable hydrate formations. BP said it is working on solutions for the new problem.”

I also heard via the coastguard that the paperwork BP initially signed to run the drilling operation indicated they had the means to handle a spill larger than the one currently underway. Further probing of the oil giant is uncovering a less than savvy track record:


It’s unclear how the spill will ultimately be isolated. The Coast Guard is employing the extensive use of booms to try and keep the slick in check. Assistance has been sent from all across the nation and  local fisherman and residents, who stand to lose the most, have been flocking to help.

Like usual, Boston.com is hosting jolting photos of the incident:


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