Make it Count

So someone just posted this incredible proposal on reddit:

I managed to track it down to the blog it was originally posted on: which appears to belong to the wonderfully artistic couple pictured above. Just a little browsing has left me intrigued and addicted which I suppose is a reasonable state. I mean, check out their bio:

the inevitable bio

angela likes to paint.

ithyle likes to sing.

angela likes #6699CC.

ithyle likes #FF9900.

angela is an over gifter.

ithyle is a good package wrapper.

angela paints her toenails pink.

ithyle paints his toenails black.

angela startles easily.

ithyle relishes the fact that angela startles easily.

angela likes road trips.

ithyle likes bicycle trips.

angela likes what ithyle orders at dinner.

ithyle eats whats left of angela’s dinner.

angela likes to eat more than her fair share of tofutti cuties.

ithyle laments this.


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