The Money Lists Strike Again

Someone commented on the radio the other day about how infatuated we are with lists. I’m not sure if this was directed specifically at Americans or high-content consumers in general. But, many blog guides to naming your posts in a catchy manner suggest the tried and true method of putting a number in your title: “10 tried and true ways for raising the domestic hippo”,”8 days to a more neurotic you…” – you get my gist.

So griping on pause just for a smidgen (although I really think smidgen should be spelled like pigeon), U.S. News produced a list of 15 things you shouldn’t be paying for.  Okay, un-pause: why, oh why, am I bothering to listen to someone who tells me to use the  library to save on the cost of buying books? I believe we have the power of common sense to figure this out.

But all negativity aside, there is useful information out there that are pearls of wisdom I have yet to unearth on my own.

Let me know about groups like Freecycle where people embrace re-using and re-ducing by swapping their stuff. Post me your websites where I can learn how to travel on less money, or how I can get a Biology job next summer somewhere exotic. Let me know where I can get coupons online without buying the Sunday paper, and I will be your friend forever.


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