Say it in a Shade of Succint: Cell Poems

You can buck the system and resist the un-filtered verbal onslaught of a new and frighteningly social world, or you can embrace the fascinating and fantastic possibilities it may create.

Take for example a site I heard mentioned in a recent podcast:

I love the idea of super-condensed poetic license  where the poet is constrained by but flourishes within 160 characters.  Also adding to the appeal is the amusing addition of poem notes and author bios that far, far exceed the length of any of the works themselves.

Below are the two most recent submissions to the site:

I do it the old-fashioned way
tie string around the finger
except instead try rope-to-throat
though the last word’s still “remember.”


And the moon

Erika Meitner

shut in cold blue light,
in blown snow, my son’s
breath a forgiveness a road-
side x a windshield a
tunnel a handful of pebbles.


Sign up for the poems as an RSS feed or to of course receive via your cell phone…



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