I Fancy Myself A Travel Writer

I am currently riding the energy from a just-completed trip to Costa Rica. I was not disappointed during my first forray out-of-the-country (I’ve been to Quebec City once, but is it bad that I don’t consider Canada out of the country? Sorry Canada!).

I don’t know how the idea initially took root, but once planted, it wouldn’t let go. It perhaps had something to do with reading about the sheer amount of biological habitats the country boasts (CR represents about 5% of the world’s biological diversity). So after tutoring and doing other odd jobs for the year and squirreling away my free pennies, I made the pipe dream into a very vivid,colorful reality.

Because of my love for writing, and my desire to document all the minute details of our (my brother graciously served as both chauffeur and travel companion) adventures with which I will undoubtedly drive all my friends crazy with during the numerous recountings, I am going to write a series of blog posts about our trip.  I hope those who know me will appreciate the deep sense of joy this adventure has brought me, and for those who don’t, I hope this helps you along your own travels…

Costa Rica - A country lousy with beauty (pic from http://www.lushcostarica.com/)


One thought on “I Fancy Myself A Travel Writer

  1. lavaeha says:

    We all fancy ourselves. Keep up the good work!

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