Fabulous Links



  • We Are Hunted – an interactive music chart, listen to all the songs on the list
  • Large Hearted Boy – daily free and legal music downloads, lots of indy and music festival recordings, also good book reviews
  • Live Music Archive – mostly indy
  • Beck /Record Club – collaboration of various musicians who re-envision/record a classic album in one day w/ no prior practice (a risky venture…)
  • The Moth – storytellers – there is a podcast, as well as a new radio hour produced for NPR. This link will bring you to streaming, online stories. These personal narratives are often bitingly funny, enjoyably eccentric, and always unique
  • Babelgum – video channel sporting unique content in 5 channels:  film, music, comedy, our earth, and metropolis
  • Tourfilter – Customize your list of favorite bands and receive e-mail updates when your picks tour locally


  • Wooster Collective – street art that is beyond clever
  • Web Urbanist – Architecture and alternative art – there are always mind-blowing things on here – be sure to check it out
  • Sketch Theatre – watch artists sketch out their art set to really good music
  • A Curious Bestiary – artist Kaitlin Beckett, very cool stuff
  • Society 6 – another cool art collective
  • Enormous tiny art – They had this show at a little gallery in Portsmouth, I just loved it all, lots of talent gracing the walls


Science News and Content:

Environmental and Green Resources:

Marine/Ocean Links:

Fun Links:

  • TED: ideas worth spreading – riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world
  • XKCD – A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language
  • Science Made Stupid
  • F U Penguin – a bitingly sarcastic take on all those blogs featuring an inundation of cuteness (as illustrated here)
  • Cute Overload – one of the aforementioned blogs featuring an inundation of cuteness… if you’re into that kind of thing
  • Smoont – the amazing, bizarre, and cool
  • Not Martha – the blog about making things the “not martha” way
  • BoingBoing.net – postings blog style about science, gadgets, tech, and the bizarre in general. Hard to describe…
  • It Made My Day (IMMD) – Little moments of WIN

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